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Privacy and data protection

This confidentiality statement vis-à-vis the personal data of our customers is designed to inform them of our obligation to protect their information when using our website – this extends to the comparison service that we offer online. This also includes the data required for all our forms and the purposes for which it will be used.

Res assured, that all Internet users can visit our website without having to provide their personal information – it is only after placing the translation order with the selected company, that a customer must carefully fill out a questionnaire with personal details.

Confidentiality as to the data:

The following information is collected by if the customer confirms their translation request to the selected provider and clicks Order now: full name, email address and postal address, city, country and personal phone number. This information is not only collected by, but is also transmitted to the language partner who requires such details about the client. However, these data can in no case be disclosed to an unauthorised third party. Similarly, they cannot be used for purposes other than the completion of a professional translation project by the company of your choice. can not use information other than what you have provided as part of your order quote.

Safety of navigation data:

While accessing and normal browsing within, our website may collect some personal data related to users – for instance, their IP address. Rest assured that this information is not collected to be forwarded or disclosed to non-interested parties, but only to better identify users of our online comparator, the time of their application, the location of their computers, etc. These data are used only to evaluate the user-friendliness and better functioning of our Internet pages. The data cannot be stored after processing or communicated to third parties.

Confidentiality as to companies:

As for our partner companies specialised in professional translation – we would like to assure you that confidential data displayed about your business are only used to optimise the comparison and guide the customer towards the best deal. Indeed, without all of this information, no comparison can be made, and therefore no selection of the cheapest translation service provider can be made. The same principles of operation apply to our online Comparator.

However, we will display only the information being provided by our translation companies, without any modification or deletion. Also, it is important to remember that our business partners reserve the right to modify, delete or add information accessed by the users of website, in order to help them complete their translation projects and experience savings.

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