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How to place an order?

Place your order 100% online…

To place your orders for comparison among the cheapest translation companies in the market via our website, you must complete the quote form immediately available. It is very practical, very fast and very interactive. First we ask you to specify the language pair for your document translation. Then, select the subject matter of your translation project (legal, scientific, literary, commercial, medical, artistic, an application, an MSDS, etc.) after identifying the desired delivery date.

At this point, there are two options for completing your quote:

  • If you know the number of words that make up the content of your document to be processed in the intended language combination, type in the word count in numbers and click Compare.
  • Otherwise, you can either copy and paste your document text into the specified field, or up load your file by selecting the file in question and clicking Browse. This way, our online comparator will count the number of words contained in your source document for you, and will compare the prices accordingly. You can now confirm the comparison request by clicking Compare.

Via this simplified approach, you can place your comparison order from home, or from anywhere in the world, in a matter of seconds. So, do not hesitate to do everything with a single click!


A list of companies is now displayed on your screen. This list contains the best translation service providers on the market, specializing in your desired subject matter and offering the most competitive prices. sorts among the selected companies with great care, listed by order of price, but also of quality and reputation in their areas of specialization. It is you, dear customer, who will then make a personal selection depending on the criteria that interest you most.

Place your order…

Each proposed translation company is identified by its name, logo, its services and achievements, as well as the price and the delivery date it provides for the realisation of your project. Thus, after making your selection, simply click Place order, and a quote form will be immediately displayed on your screen. Complete the form  with your details and include all the necessary instructions you want to convey to your language partner. Once all required information is provided, click Pay now.

How to pay?

After finding the best translation company to perform your translation project, and after placing your order, all you have to do is choose the payment method that suits you. In fact, the translation amount you will pay is still displayed along with the name of the chosen translation company. Only the following two forms of payment are accepted:

  • – Credit cards
  • – PayPal

As with any other Internet payment transaction, you will be asked to enter your bank information to complete your transactions securely. Rest assured that the confidentiality of your personal data is strictly respected by our website, as specified in our Terms & Conditions.

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