Since this is a unique tool, which allows for the comparison of the cheapest providers of translation services in the market, we would like to share below our responses to your most frequent questions regarding features and services provided by our free online comparator.

General presentation:

  Why use the cymosa.com comparator?

This is an Internet comparison tool that allows you to compare different companies able to perform your translation project at the most optimal price. iCymosa.com can sort through the most reliable providers in the market to help you select your language partner. It’s fast, easy, and allows for savings of time and money.

  How do I complete the application form?

It’s good to know that our comparator is interactive and accessible to all. You start by choosing the source language and the target language of your project from the list of available languages . You type the expected delivery date and the subject of your document (you can again choose from a list). Then, you enter the number of words you want to translate and click Compare. Your request is immediately processed and you instantly receive our reply.

  How do I find out the number of words in my source text?

If you do not know the number of words in your document to be translated, then simply copy and paste your text into the available space on the quote form. Our comparison tool will count the words for you. If you have a Word file (docx, for example), then browse to and upload your file and leave the rest to us. Cymosa.com will count the number of words in your text.

  May I submit my Resume to find the best translator at an affordable price?

Yes, absolutely, among the types of source texts you can send us to help you find the best specialist translator in your field are Resumes and cover letters. This can be in several areas of expertise: general, legal, medical, technical, scientific, etc., and in a variety of languages.

  How long until I receive your reply?

We process your request upon receipt of your instant quote form that contains all the information required to optimise our search. Then, we select for you the best translators in the market and we will respond immediately. The major advantage of our comparative tool is that it is able to process your requests in seconds, unlike other conventional search tools.


  How do you ensure the speed of your service?

We ensure our fast online comparison service through performance and innovation made by our cymosa.com comparator. This is a new tool that is able to quickly process multiple requests and provide immediate and satisfactory answers to the most demanding expectations. This effectively helps users find the translation 100% best suited to their needs.

  Do you guarantee the confidentiality of transmitted documents?

Of course, we receive documents that you send us only to count the number of words you want to translate by a professional partner. We then preserve the personal and confidential nature of your text content that we provide only to the appropriate party if you confirm your translation order.

  How do you select the companies you are going to offer me?

Know that translation companies are classified by language pair and field of expertise. Thus, the proposed translators for each project are 100% specialised in the targeted industry. Thus, you will only receive the list of translation service providers that will meet your needs in the most appropriate manner.

  Will I  have to choose a translator from the suggested list?

No, our comparator is a free online comparison tool and is without obligation. This means that we want to identify for you the cheapest and most competent translation companies in the market, but we leave you free to choose or not choose from the list we provide.

Payment and delivery date:

  How can I pay for my translation order?

You can select the payment of our comparison services from the following two ways:

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal

  How long until I receive my translated document?

Once you confirm your choice of translation company that you feel is best for your project, it is up to this company to provide a delivery date of your translated document. In any case, a company will include the date and time agreed for delivery in its offer, because that is how you can make the best selection based upon your preferences.

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